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Tutorial - How to Convert Text to Speech and Audio Files?

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Why read when you can listen? Free Text To Speech MP3 provides a way to bring your beloved stories and eBooks to life. This text-to-speech software can convert text to audio files like MP3, WAV and some other formats, opening a new window of creativity for struggling readers that they can enjoy listening to their audiobooks on long drives with ease.

Step 1. Input Text

Once Free Text To Speech MP3 is launched, the "String" option has been checked by default in "Source" section, then you can enter any words in the window of "Input String". If you want to input a text file from your PC, check "Text file" and then click "..." to choose the file you want to convert to speech.

Input Text

Step 2. Choose Voice Engine, Output Format & Set Output Quality

Select a voice engine installed in your computer from the menu of "Voice". After that, you will find the detailed voice info like age, gender, language, vendor displayed. After that, choose an output format (WAV, MP3, VOX) for the converted speech. To control the output quality, you can drag the slider bar of "Rate" or choose a value of "Frequency". You can also choose the channel (Mono or Stereo) as you need. To adjust the volume, drag the slider bar of "Volume".

Choose Voice Engine, Output Format & Set Output Quality

Step 3. Convert Text to Speech

For those who want to save the converted speech as an audio file for later use, check "Audio file" in "Destination" section. If you just need to pre-listen the converted audio without any file generated, check "Audio array". Then, click "..." under "Output Audio File" and in the popped up window choose an output folder and you are allowed to input the name for the new file directly. When all settings are done, click "Convert Now!" to start text to speech conversion. If "Audio array" has been chosen, you will listen to the output audio directly and if "Audio file" has been checked, you will find the output audio file in the output directory.

Convert Text to Speech

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